Muuto stacked small

The MINI STACKED is a small and versatile addition to the STACKED shelving system ideal for the living room, kitchen, entrance hall, and bedrooms. The STACKED system provides a storage solution with endless possibilities. With the use of small clips, the modules can be rearranged to create diversified .

Muuto Mini Stacked er en mindre utgave av det geniale Stacked hyllesystemet. Størrelser: – Small: Bredde:3cm, Høyde:1cm, Dybde:cm – Medium: . Muuto’s Mini Stacked is the smaller but equally flexible version of the original Stacked shelving system. With the Mini Stacked modules, designed by JDS .

Muuto – Mini Stacked Shelving System – ash wood. Muuto – Mini Stacked Shelving System, small, ash. Komplettera gärna med fler Clips till Mini Stacked. Förvaring och hyllor Hyllsystem Mini Stacked Vit Small . Mini stacked er en mindre versjon av den originale Stacked.

Hyllene kan henges hver for seg eller sammen på veggen. Q: I love the simplicity and multi-functionality of Muuto’s Stacked shelving system, but I don’t think I’m quite prepared to shell out $1– 2per .